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Welcome to the UWS e-learning system known as vUWS (pronounced 'views'). Here you can access learning material and participate in online activities, individually or with others. All units have a vUWS presence and you can find important information on each of your unit or course sites.

If you're new to vUWS find out about E-Learning at UWS opens in a new window including useful information about accessing vUWS, configuring your computer and software you may need.

Please explore the 'vUWS Information for Students' and 'vUWS Information for Staff' sites listed under 'My vUWS Sites' for support after you have logged in.

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Access is provided to you for the official business of the University for which you have authorisation and your use must comply with the IT Acceptable Use of Resources Policy and other relevant UWS policies.opens in a new window

Problems Logging In?

Before you can login,make sure you've activated your MyUWSAccount opens in a new window.

Still having problems? Check that your password hasn't expired and reset it if you need to at Manage MyUWSAccount opens in a new window.

Weekly maintenance of vUWS takes place between 2am to 6am every Friday, so vUWS will not be available during these times. All other scheduled maintenance will be advised via Announcements in vUWS or on the MyIT Portal.

Getting Started

Your lecturer will set up a vUWS site for your unit and you may find that each site you access has different online learning activities to do. Refer to the Unit Outline and Learning Guide for more information about what you are required to do online.

Before logging in it is recommended that you perform a Browser Check opens in a new window to confirm your computer is properly configured to use vUWS.

If you experience any difficulties in accessing vUWS please refer to Configuring Your Computer opens in a new window which provides additional information on setting up your computer for use with vUWS.


Students and staff can access vUWS support by logging requests or incidents via the MyIT Portal at https://MyIT.uws.edu.au or contacting the IT Service Desk between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday on (02) 98525111.